Drain Cleaning

At Pioneer Plumbing & Rooter, we have extensive experience in all aspects of drain cleaning, from simple clogs to more complex repairs, replacements and new installations.

Electric-Drain-CleanerOur experts come equipped to clear your clogged drains safely and quickly. If the clog goes deeper or if it has actually lead to damage in your pipes, we can provide full repair and replacement services to solve the problem.

sergiosewerline2Your sewer system needs extra care. Whether your property requires a new installation or routine cleaning, it’s important to have our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals on the job. We’ll take the time to ensure everything is hooked up properly and flowing as it should be.

Pressure-Washer-Sewer-Jetter-AttachmentIf plant debris or roots have broken into the walls of your pipes of if a blockage is obstructing the flow of your pipes, Hydro Jetting is the most time and cost-efficient way to literally blast away the obstruction.

Malibu-mainline-stopageBetween your kitchen sink, shower drain, toilet, laundry machine line and storm drain, you have a fairly good chance of developing tough stoppages that can cause expensive damage if not cleared quickly and professionally. At Pioneer Plumbing & Rooter, we have the tools and expertise to solve these problems quickly at the lowest cost possible to our clients.

VerifiedbackflowWe can help ensure that your potable water supply isn’t being contaminated due to a backflow problem. A working backflow prevention device is an essential part of your plumbing system and it must be tested and maintained properly. If your backflow prevention system isn’t operating correctly or needs to be replaced, our team of plumbers can easily take care of the problem.

sewer-cover-178443_640When diagnosing a problem in a sewer line, it can be difficult to find out what is going on exactly without the use of a camera. Our sewer camera inspection service makes that process easy and convenient.

Home for Sale SignIf you’re about to sell your home and need it appraised, or if you’re putting in a bid on a property and you want an inspection of the property’s plumbing, our real estate camera inspection service is essential. You’ll be able to see from the inside of the plumbing system to determine if there is a problem or if there is anything that needs repairs or replacing.